Новый сериал Акына Акынозю "Подсудимый" (Обвиняемый)

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В этом видео смотрите анонс нового турецкого сериала "Подсудимый" (Обвиняемый) с Акыном Акынозю в главной роли. Почему не будет Эбру Шахин? скандал с турецким актером Акыном Акынозю. Во время сьемок финальной 69 серии ветреного был скандал с участием Акына Акынозю. Прощание актеров турецкого сериала ветреный Эбру Шахин. Ветреный 70 серия 4 сезон русская озвучка.
Подробности скандала https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBz5cXN7Tv8
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The first confirmation appeared that Akyn had already chosen a new series for himself. Like and watch the news in this video…. The director of the TV company MF Yapym, Yusuf, subscribed to Akyna Akynozyu in social networks. Previously, he filmed the series The Miracle Doctor, which is very popular in Turkey, the main character of which has already found a new project. The director, in addition to Akin, signed at the same time for Hazal Subashi, probably she will be a partner in the series. How do you like this news. But what kind of series it will be, see all the details:
MF Yapym is an adaptation of the South Korean TV series The Defendant / Defendant. Yusuf Pirhasan will sit in the director's chair (recently filmed Knock on my door and the Miracle Doctor).
The story of how a young and successful Seoul Central District Prosecutor leads the case of the suspicious death of the twin brother of an influential president of a large company. Today the main character is a happy father and husband, he celebrates the birthday of his six-year-old daughter, and tomorrow he wakes up on death row. He does not remember how and for what he ended up in prison. Four months have passed since his last memories (his daughter's birthday). The main character is sentenced to death for the murder of his wife and daughter, about which he does not remember anything. What remains for the hero? To break down under the weight of grief and come to terms with fate, or to try to bring back memories and prove your innocence? Is he so innocent?
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