All Shindo Life Element's Vs Anime!

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In This Video, I'll be Showcasing all bloodlines in Shindo life and comparing them to the anime. THIS VIDEO CONTAIN'S MASSIVE NARUTO AND BORUTO SPOILER'S, SO IF YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED THEM YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!, I Haven't added exactly 100% of the Elements most likely I didn't add all of the Elements because they were not referenced to the anime or manga and they just made them up like they were just the same but different colours only the 5 main elements were in the anime but I found some in the naruto ninja storm game and used them to not get messed up, anyway please subscribe and enjoy the video.


0:00 - Intro
0:18 - Stone
1:35 - Flame
2:41 - Shock
4:11 - Liquid
5:27 - Air
6:24 - Shiver
7:00 - Cement
7:21 - Outro

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