Hunter x Hunter - Anime Side by Side | RE:Anime

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Hunter x Hunter - Anime Side by Side | RE:Anime
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Directed by Josh Mabie

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Gon (Jackie Tran):

Hisoka (Yoshi Sudarso):

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About RE:Anime:
Created by Anime super fan, producer, and director, Nik Shaw, RE:Anime™ was born of an infectious passion for the culture and characters of Anime as well as out of frustration with the way major studios have misrepresented essential Anime values and characters in live-action productions. Nik believes staying true to the authenticity and the core roots is the best path to success.

The mission is clear - to adapt fan-favorite Anime programs into high-quality live-action films while representing the culture and characters that are true to each story and each Anime’s intended values.

The goal - Work with Hollywood Execs, Studios, and Streamers to adapt anime into live-action.
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