Mario and Luigi: Super Anime Brothers 3

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One Piece meets Mario Bros, as the despotic tyrant Luigi is about to meet the revenge squad to end all revenge squads. Wario, Waluigi, Toad, even a fricken CHOMP! Let's do this.

Produced by Tom Jenkins & Ben Michael
Script, Character Designs, Animatic and Guide Audio by Florian Walraven
Rough and Clean-Up Animation by Smash Toons (https://twitter.com/TheSmashToons)
Colour Design, Lead Colour & Additional VFX by Jan F. Sorrentino
Additional Colour by Billy B Crinion, Claire Mackenzie, Kai Newton (https://twitter.com/KaiPiez) & Smash Toons
Backgrounds by Josh Floyd, Isa Gross, Liam McKeown and Ethan Menegakis (https://ekinzone.com/)
16 Bit Intro & Outro Animation by Tim Bender
Voice of Narrator by Mick "RicePirate" Lauer
Voice of Wario by Alex Walker Smith
Voice of Luigi by Blake Swift
Voice of Toad, Kid Toads & Kid Goomba by Eileen 'EileMonty' Montgomery
Voice of Waluigi, Koopaling & Shyguy by RicanFly
Voice of Chomp, Hench Koopa & Toad Father by Steven "Sarifus" Kelly
Voice of Head Koopa and Bear by Florian Walraven
Edit, Sound Design, Music Curation, Compositing & Additional VFX by Jason Dewey
Additional Compositing by Dalton Brown

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Mario and Luigi: Super Anime Brothers


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